What is Hexa Flower (HXFA) yarn ?

HexaFlower is a new generation of the lining. Thanks to the special shape of the yarn the lining performs same as the lining made of natural or artificial yarns (like viscose or acetate yarn). This unique construction allows lining to be breathable, comfortable and water washable. It combines the greatest values of natural yarn and additionally it gives noble and fancy look, durability and 2-tone effect. Moreover HexaFlower lining improves the wearing comfort of the garment as it absorbs the moisture inside and distributes it outside. Not only makes HexaFlower the garment fancy, fashionable and beautiful but it intensifies the pleasure of wearing it!
Fabric made of Hexa Flower yarn prevents static electricity, keeps the atmosphere of the garment (by emitting moisture) and blocks external cold air inflow.
Shari (crispy) and resilience handle similar to acetate. Light weight and low slippage. Easy dyeing and printing at atmospheric pressures. Easy mixing with natural and regenerated fibers.
Regular polyester
Hexa Flower

Atmospheric pressure dyeing function

* Due to the anti-static additive, the moisture regain of Hexaflower is higher than that of normal polyester and it prevents static electricity.
* Due to the special additive, Hexaflower is dyeable the same conditions as acetate.
* The highest disperse dyestuff absorption of Hexaflower is 98℃

Prevent contaminating function (Metal yarn)

* Hexaflower is dyeable under 100℃ and does not contaminate Metal yarn in dyeing process. So, it keeps clear gloss.

Eco-friendly products

* Hexaflower doesn’t need high temperature/pressure condition in dyeing process. So. It can save power in dyeing process.

Shiny feeling

* VICHE has an acetate-like gloss due to the unique cross section.
* The reflects light in various directions creates Hexaflower’s gloss.

Soft & Dry Touch

* VICHE has soft touch by using a special polymer.
* Modified cross section gives dry feel and excellent volume feel.

Anti-Static Function of Hexaflower

* Due to the anti-static additive, the moisture regain of Hexaflower is higher than that of normal polyester and it prevents static electricity.
* The charge occurred on the fabric surface is collected into the hole in Hexaflower and the anti-static. Static electricity is reduced by collecting charge occurred on the fabric surface into the hole in Hexaflower.
The above voltages were measured after frictions with cotton/wool fabrics.(< 1000V)

Clothing Comfort of Hexaflower

* The air layer foamed in the hole blocks external cold air inflow and internal warm heat radiation.
* Hexaflower’s modified cross-section able to keep the atmosphere of the garment comfort by emitting the moisture, which formed when the body temperature increases (Capillary Phenomenon).
Distance of absorption
The absorption length after 10 minutes(immersion at the end of fabrics)
Drying Speed
The remaining moisture content in fabrics after 10 minutes in wet condition
Cool Feeling (< 0.18)

Air Rate of Hexaflower (HXFA)

Air rate is an outermost cross sectional area to an actual yarn cross sectional area ratio. More pore space generally results in high air rate.
Since Hexaflower has a higher air rate, there are much more air in the pore spaces compared to regular round solid/hollow cross section polyester. The low heat conduction of air in the pore spaces allows Hexaflower fabrics to have an excellent thermal resistance.
Hollow PET


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